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Since its foundation, the aim of the Instituto Europeo de Estudios Empresariales (INESEM) has been to encourage and contribute to our students’ professional and personal development.

With this objective in mind, INESEM adapts its programmes to the latest market demands, offering innovative solutions for our students to distinguish themselves and enhance their professional competitiveness.

We promote multidisciplinary and integrated teaching by implementing innovative teaching methods in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge with a result oriented perspective and focusing on practical application.

All this is possible thanks to the integration of a series of factors like modular training, open access contents, e-learning methods and collaborative learning.

To sum up, in INESEM we aim to be the place where you would like to develop and improve your career, because we know that the key to success is ‘Practical Training’ which allows students to overcome the challenges that professionals will have to face in the future.

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Our method

The method underlying our programmes is the means for our students to achieve personal and professional development. We base our method on the following principles:
• Interactive and autonomous learning
• Meaningful learning
• Professional competences development
• Innovation
These principles build up an educational model in which students take the lead of their own learning process always helped by the teacher in their role of facilitator and counsellor. We emphasise a collaborative and social learning method by means of our Student Area.


Academic structure

Advisory body Faculty Departments
Advisory body Faculty Departments
It’s a consultative body aimed at maintaining and promoting academic excellence and quality in the Instituto Europeo de Estudios Empresariales. This body is made up of a group of renowned professors and professionals with proven experience on innovation, planning and development of applied projects promoting the exchange of knowledge between research work and the business world. The Faculty in the Instituto Europeo de Estudios Empresariales is presided by the Academic Coordinator and it’s made up of the whole teaching staff grouped in the different Departments. It is the participating organization for the teaching staff and its aim is to plan, coordinate, teach and guide students. A group of experts in the different subject areas make possible for our programmes to meet the educational needs imposed by the competences required in the current labour market with quality and innovation. These are in charge of organising and managing teaching within a given subject area. These Departments are spaces for both, collaborative work between teachers and didactic research in order to achieve high standards of quality for the programmes of their area.


Our institution counts on a multi skilled team made up of up to 50 professionals whose joint work allows an integrated management of each and every stage of the educational process, from student attraction to a specialized tutorial monitoring according to the special needs of each student, together with additional services such as academic guidance, free updating of didactic contents or post-course services (answering enquiries after the programme is finished).


We can’t leave aside the considerable group of contributors, experts in each one of the subjects, with proven work experience in a similar job, most of them executives in successful national and global companies. Additionally we frequently establish agreements with different universities, foundations, lecturers and renowned authors of related publications.
Our work philosophy, determined by the nurturing of talent and the professional development of the members of our team, has created a group of professionals capable of putting their innovative capacity and experience into every project, responding that way to the current educational challenges.


  • Innovation
    In INESEM innovation is our symbol of identity
  • Knowledge transfer
    We ensure an excellent management of contents and well structured learning processes in order to boost knowledge transfer.
  • Collaborative work
    We offer more autonomous training programmes, in which the student is the protagonist of both learning and building and managing contents online.
  • Quality
    Quality is one of the foundations for our management.
  • Flexibility and Individualization
    We adapt our learning process to the specific needs of the student (and companies), as the student is our main focus.
  • Employability
    Our training programmes are aimed to improve our students’ employability, taking into account the various needs of different sectors and areas of business activity.
  • Professional development
    We offer training programmes which allow our students to carry out an outstanding work contributing to their professional identity.
  • CSR
    TWe have a commitment with the economical and social development of our environment. That is the reason why we promote educational agreements and professional integration programmes.



INESEM is a socially committed company. Our main aim is to contribute to the improvement of teaching practice and stimulate learning in society. In our policy we definitely bank on human capital as a source of distinction.
That’s the reason why we want to encourage entrepreneurship and intrapreneurism as part of our responsibility towards society, relying on independent and committed professionals.
We work for local development as well, encouraging not only economic growth but also social development. We believe in collaborative work environments and in this sense we support and cooperate with Cowoking, a business booster where people are the main focus while empowering business development thanks to the impulse of collective intelligence.

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The head office of the El Instituto Europeo de Estudios Empresariales is located in the Centro de Empresas Granada (CEG)), a modern business complex placed in one of the Business Centers with more impact in Andalucía Oriental.
Regarding our facilities we should highlight a floor area of more than 2.000 sq. m. with a Meeting Room, Assembly Hall, Secretary’s Office, Offices, Classrooms, Café and Restaurant, R&D Area (dedicated to the development on high quality didactic contents and pedagogic innovation on distance and online learning), Print Room, Recording Studio, etc.

The INESEM building Interior INESEM

In INESEM we also have the most advanced technological engineering at the service of Training:
• State-of-the-art E-learning technological platform
• R&D Department (Research and Development in Learning)
• Advanced CRM and ERP systems
• Department of Engineering and Internal Management Software Development
• Corporate Network GIGABIT, VoIP, etc.

INESEM studio

Our commitment to quality


We aim to achieve total customer satisfaction and that of the companies who trust in us for their staff training. We cannot achieve that satisfaction unless we establish quality in our internal processes as a strategic focus. This commitment to quality has led us to achieve the following certifications:

INESEM Aenor INESEM Aenor INESEM Aenor EQ net Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

INESEM is adhered to Confianza Online, which means that given the case of disagreements related to e-commerce contractual issues and advertising, data protection, protection of minors and accessibility, clients will be able to turn to the extrajudicial system for complaints of CONFIANZA ONLINE (

Entity is adhered to Confianza Online

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